Anna Letter / 03 August 2015

Hello Everyone!

I started email in Naha and now I am in Okinawa city for pday! Anyway FYI that next week is transfer week so email will be on Tuesday. I just have this feeling that I am leaving Naha. We will see.

This week was good and busy! We are lucky and are always teaching… Yet it is just a little frustrating because it seems that every time we get close to baptism, something goes wrong. I guess Satan is working hard so we will just have to work harder!!

We taught the word of wisdom to Agaさん on Wednesday… She was a champ! She smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks all the drinks in the book, but she wants to quit and went to the store and bought a bunch of mugicha and has started buying 1 box of cigarettes instead of 2 everyday. But she came to church on Saturday for a baptismal service, and told us that she is starting to doubt everything… We are worried but We will see how it goes!

We also went and visited Ikeさん in the hospital… It was like the most scarring experience ever. At first she was so out of it and didn’t talk to us and then her mom excused herself “for a phone call”, bless her heart, and then Ikema just looked at us and burst into tears and couldn’t even talk. We are determined to go back and cheer her up!

For some more exciting news, I got hit by I motorcycle last Monday!!!! Hahaha So what happened is that we had a lesson with the zone leaders at the church and they didn’t know what part of town we were in so I took the lead and was riding in front. And we were behind schedule so I was going fast on a Main Street and had the right of way. And I could see this motorcycle coming up trying to turn into the street we were on, but I kept on thinking “he is going to look and see” so I kept going. Except he didn’t and hit me right on. Except it was really nothing because he was going so slow. We just looked at each other and started laughing. Mainly I was embarrassed because it was in front of the zone leaders and also really happy because now o can say I got hit!!!!

Also this past week we housed into this girl from Torrance! She graduated from North High 2 years ago and is here for college… So weird!!!

Love you so much!!


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