Anna Letter / 10 August 2015

Hello Everyone! We are headed to OKINAWA WORLD in t-minus 1 hour so I don`t have much time to email so I don`t think I will write a big one this week. OKINAWA WORLD is the PCC of Okinawa. Be jealous.

Anyway I have gotten 3 calls from President Egan this past week… I am training again, and I am transferring up to SHURI with my bean. Kitchen Shimai and started working 3 days a week in Shuri 2 months ago. We had nothing at first but built it up so much that we now have a baptismal date in Shuri… in fact, most of our investigators are in Shuri, not Naha!!! Anyway I am way excited. Shuri area is way small and not too city but perfect. I love it. The only bad thing is that right now there are 2 elders in Shuri… they are taking the elders out and putting me and my new companion in…. which means that WE HAVE TO MOVE INTO THE ELDERS APARTMENT. I am literally freaking out. I will be ordering new pillows, etc!!! And we have to deal with all the elder`s investigators… teaching men for the first time in my mission.

Ok, are you ready for the best part?!? So Burgon Shimai (my trainer) was an STL (Sister Training Leader) in Naha and would tell me all about how once a transfer she and the zone leaders got to fly up to honbu for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). And they slept over in honbu and ate breakfast with president and his wife and then all the other zone leaders and STL`s would arrive. So when I heard that a year ago I made it my goal to be an  STL in Okinawa and fly up to honbu for MLC… IT IS HAPPENING!!! I am STL with Curtis Shimai, who I have been living with. We already have our tickets for next Tuesday!! SO PUMPED!!!! Anyway, we will be doing splits once a week all over this island so it will be way fun.

Anyway, I love you all so much! I am so sad to leave Naha. But especially Kitchen Shimai!!! We are BFFs forever. Anyway we have had a really good week.

Love you all!



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