Anna Letter / 17 August 2015

Hello Everyone!!

So this one is going to be short… I have to catch my plane that`s taking off soon šŸ˜‰ Ok sorry I`ll stop bragging now. Anyway this week was split into two: my last 3 days in NAHA and my first 4 days in SHURI;


– We finished teaching the commandments to AGA-san! She is set for the 5th of September, but only if she can conquer tobacco. I think she will. Anyway I love this woman so much. We are a lot alike… she is very sassy and blunt and so I just dish it back out to her. She cried when I told her that I was leaving but Kitchen Shimai told me that at the first lesson without me, Agarie said, “I like it without Gazdik. It`s quiet!“

– Sooooo sad to say goodbye to the city and to Kitchen Shimai…it was an amazing time!


– So my new companion is awesome! She is totally ready to jump into the work… which literally happened, as we have been nothing but soaked through with rain for the past 3 days.

– Moving into an elder`s apartment– WORST THING EVER. THE WORST. I still cant enter the door of the apartment building without shuddering.

-We made a baptismal date with Tomori-san, our awesome investigator!!! She is so, so, so, so good. Her Book of Mormon reading is better than mine. Only problem is she can`t get Sundays off.

– I love Shuri!!! It is a TINY area– I am scared I will house it all in a couple weeks!! But it is so calm and peaceful and there is a special feeling about it.

– Miracle was biking home last night and I knew we were going to hit the apartment 3 minutes early… so I prayed while biking “Heavenly Father, please give us one more person in the street“ because I couldnt see anybody. And then a lady walked out and we talked to her for exactly 3 minutes. That is how heavenly father works I guess.

Anyway I love you all do much.



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