Erin Letter / 03 August 2015

Its August… crazy!  Time is going by SOOO fast! This week was amazing!! On Saturday I had one of the best experiences of my mission, and life.  I got to watch Kikuchi 姉妹 be baptized! After meeting her in November and teaching her for months in Yamato (and by teaching I mean biking an hour out to her house many times a week, writing her a million messages, getting so stressed when she wouldn’t contact us, having members deliver brownies with us, praying all Sunday morning that she would come to church, acquiring PERO so she could stop drinking coffee, studying for her for hours, etc) SHE GOT BAPTIZED!  I just started crying during it because it was like my best friend being allowed to get on the path to return home.  It was amazing.  It was so crazy going back to my old area… I think I got a little preview of what it’ll be like to go home.  I was soooo nervous and almost cried because I was so happy hahah.  Love that place. After Kikuchi姉妹 got baptized, she shared a powerful testimony and talked about how when I called out to her at the park she was kind of suspicious at first because I was too happy haha.  And she started learning and always thought that she wouldn’t join the church, she would only study.  But she said the reason she kept meeting and started obeying the commandments and doing everything was because of my smile.  She said at it was pure.  And then she realized at all missionaries had the same purity.  And then she saw the member’s smilies and realized that it came from Christ and baptism.  How amazing… Something as simple as a smile. Rest of the week was way awesome. Two high schoolers came to church yesterday.  Only 18 but they are way prepared and we have a lesson set up.  We taught young women’s and asked everyone what they can do to strengthen their testimony.  And the investigator, (first time at church and hasn’t taken a lesson yet) raises her hand and says prayer. BOOM so crazy.  Had a lesson with Mitsuko san and she said she thought Joseph smith was Jesus’s step dad.  So yes looks like we have a bit of a learning problem.  Threw another cookie making party and it turned out amazing… Lots of non members and members got to mingle and I have become the master of making spiritual messages out of cookie examples. Love you all!!! Also want to say how much it means to me when someone prays for the missionaries… In sacrament, At a member’s home, wherever.  But I am soooo grateful when I hear it.  Legit it is like a little load is lifted and I think “now i won’t feel the heat too badly today.”  So grateful for the power of prayer. Thank you for it! Love, Erin


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