Erin Letter / 10 August 2015

Don’t make me go…….AHHHH we got our transfer calls and I’ll be leaving the big city
and heading out to TOKOROZAWA!  Yes the place I was born!  Soooo sad
and SOOO excited at the same time.  This week was the busiest and
fastest week EVER and my comp and I were 100% sure at we were both
staying together so we didn’t even check our transfer emails on
Saturday when they came haha. I’m way sad to leave this place, I love
it so much.  And it’s finally busy, we now have a few progressing
investigators regularly meeting with us.  And the worst part is at I
have to leave my companion who is like a carbon copy of me so
obviously I love her to death.  But I am so ready to covert the city
of tokorozawa… I’ve been wanting to go there my whole mission but
never thought it would happen!

Okay so this week was way crazy… I feel like I wasn’t even in my
area for most of it.  Had mission leadership conference, meeting with
the stake president and zone leaders, a training with president Wada:
so tired, no money, but so filled with the spirit!  Eyring shimai and
I were asked to train how to teach repentance to everyone at MLC and
it was a huuuuge opportunity to take a step back and see so clearly
our relationship with God and Christ.  When you look at it, each
little bit of the gospel is such a treasure… I can’t even describe
how blessed we are to have it.  And then you put all those pieces
together and then I really start to understand what Moses said when he
said that man is nothing.  Like seriously even being able to be called
sons of daughters of Christ is huge.

And then the investigators:  CHIH AND MI MY FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER.
They are both 18 year old high school students and seriously miracles.
We have been able to regularly teach them the past few weeks and they
blow me away every time.  I have never seen anyone searching for truth
or help as much as these two.  It is so humbling and so incredible…
They are so fun and come with their backpacks and sodas and talk about
school.  But then the lessons starts and they ask how to help their
families not fight and how to bring more peace to their lives.  We
taught them how to read the Book of Mormon this past week and they
both were able to talk about how they are like nephi.  SO COOL.

Ahhhh and so many other amazing things happened this week but I have
no time to write.  We met a 75 year old woman on the street and she
came out church because she said she felt a light and feels like we
are friends… Like we know her heart.  A high school eikaiwa student
came and stayed for all three hours and learned about temple marriages
with us in young women’s.  We have been led by the spirit like crazy
this week and have found so many people.  We asked one woman on the
street who wasn’t interested at all what the happiest thing in her
like was and she said she’s not happy at all.  So we testified like
crazy and asked her to listen to our message.  And I can’t even
describe the joy I felt when she looked at us and said yes.

Love being a missionary!!! Have the best week!


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