Erin Letter / 17 August 2015

I’ve arrived in TOKOROZAWA and church yesterday was crazy!  I went up
and gave my five minute intro and testimony at sacrament meeting and
everyone was freaking out at the return of “Erin chan.”  So many
people told me stories of me as a baby and showed me pictures of my
family way back when and offered to take me to see my old apartment.
I loved it soooo much… Of course I didn’t remember everything but it
felt like coming how to a family I didn’t even know I had.  But it’s
amazing because everyone trusts me 100% and it’s crazy what a
difference that makes… So much of the relationship building is
already done.  I’m so excited to help this Ward and these members and
I love them soooo much already.  I’m just dying to serve them and do
something for this area.

And I’m actually way, way exhausted right now so I can’t remember
anything else, and if I do, I’m too tired to wrote it haha.  My comp
and I have been walking all day everyday because my bike hasn’t been
shipped yet and it’s been the worst thing of my life haha… Legs are
about to fall off.  But it’s been good to work hard.  We have been
trying to find new people like crazy for this area.  On Saturday we
ate lunch and dinner in a parking lot on the crazy heat… We have
been going out to way far areas to find people. Can’t beat a 15 minute
convenience store dinner!  The past two nights we have had to sprint
home because we were out working late!

Okay so sorry this is the lamest email ever!  Next week I’ll try to
make it exciting!  I still love being a missionary, I just feel like
I’m half dead right now because I’m exhausted.

Love, Erin


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