05 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!!

Time is going SOOOOO fast. I can`t believe it. Anyway thanks so much for the emails and everything each week…. and sorry if I can`t respond to everything but it really just makes me so happy and is like sunshine for my soul!!

So this week was way fun. Monday and Tuesday were spent on a plane and in Fukuoka for MLC… so spiritually renewing but also exhausting. It`s like 1 hour into the training I`m like, “Oh my gosh, this is so good. Life is so good. I love everything.“ And then it just hits this point where there is too much for my mind to handle and by the end I`m swimming in things to do and ways to be better and just basically have to tell myself not to throw everything out the window haha! We got to do a live skype session with Salt Lake City. It was way cool… we did mogi`s with them and everything. I had to stand up in from of all of our mission ZL and STL and in front of Salt Lake and say stuff. And then Salt Lake goes “well let me ask you a few questions“ and then I was like “NO DONT DO IT!!!“ in my head haha. Anyway it was way fun to see all my mission buddies. Sanford Shimai is so sweet and bought black thunder ice cream (my favorite that they dont have in Okinawa) in Kumamoto that morning and gave it to me in Fukuoka. Haha it was melted but way better then the one she shipped me… both still yummy!

Tom is doing way good. SHE GOT 3 SUNDAYS OFF IN A MONTH!!! Her work finally gave in!! So she will get baptized on the 17 or 24. We are still deciding with the Bishop. But for our lesson we told her to pick a topic out of the gospel principles book. And she picked service, which was weird so we asked her why. And she said “I was at my house and prayed so that I could pick what God wants me to learn and opened the book and the first chapter I saw was service“. Just one of the million times when I am like “Who are you and where did you come from ?!?!?“

We went with a member this past week to visit a sick sister in our ward. We had no idea but this sick sister lives with her nonmember older sister. And we sat down and the member looks at us and says “are you going to do a lesson?“ so we were like “sure…“ and what followed was one of the most spiritual lessons that I have ever had in my life. She ended up saying yes to baptism and to lessons. Yay!!

My bike currently has a flat tire. 4th time in 4 months.

The weather is so nice!!!!

We run to a nearby park and do exercise. Well at 6:45 I was just doing sit-ups and this lady comes up and asks if Cox shimai and I are athletes… specifically boxers. And I was like lol no. And we just coninued talking while I was stretching and then I asked for her address and we made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon haha. Anyway it was probably the best way we`ve made an appointment yet so that was awesome.

Anyway this week was just full of grateful moments and I am just so happy to be here. Love you all so much!


Sorry way failed with the picture game this past week…but I made homemade gyoza just like Mom!


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