05 Oct 2015 / Erin Letter

That is my life right now.  I am looooving being a missionary and this
past week was amazing… We saw so many miracles everyday.  Literally
everyday we have come home so grateful and feeling like we don’t
deserve the good things, because there are too many.  Also my
companion is the best missionary ever… She has been in the field for
two weeks and I have made it my goal to become a missionary like her
my last two months.  Also we get a long super well that sometimes I
feel like I’m just hanging out with my friend everyday.  I just so
wish I had enough time to about write every little moment we felt the
spirit everyday.  But I’ll just include a few!!

1. CHI.  15 year old new investigator who is an answer to our
prayers.  We found her housing a week ago and we got to go over again
with a young woman and teach not only her, but her mom!  Chika is
sooooo ready, there is just a feeling about her.  When we were
teaching I recited James 1:5 and she said she had chills.  Loved the
lesson because she kept saying “I didn’t know about this!  How come I
didn’t know about this?!”  The mom is not 100% on board but we are
praying that she’ll let her daughter keep learning!

2. We have a Filipino investigator who’s been hanging out for a while
and doesn’t keep commitments and won’t come to church so I was getting
pretty tired of it and we decided that if she doesn’t come to church
this Sunday we’re going to drop her. This woman barely leaves her
house (doesn’t have a job, etc) and so her coming to church would have
been the equivalent of… I don’t really know but it would be a huge
deal.  Well we went to visit her on Saturday night and she told us she
wasn’t going to go because of some excuse so we just bore our
testimonies to her and left and I was way sad because that was it.
But then SHE WALKS INTO CHURCH ON SUNDAY and had the BEST time.  It
was like she was beaming the whole time and she LOVED it.  Soooo
grateful the spirit prompted her.  We got to watch her change.

3. Sunday was crazy.  All 8 missionaries bore there testimonies and
then I taught gospel principles and then me and my companion were in
charge of a primary sharing time.  And then we had two random lessons
after church.  THANK YOU FASTING.

Okay so many other things happened.  We got 3 new investigators, so
grateful.  But I think my favorite moments are when I’m on the street
talking to someone and just baring my testimony and it’s so crazy
because I’m a 20 year old American speaking to all different kinds of
Japanese people and every single time I feel the spirit and every
single time I feel so much love for that person and I know there’s no
way that could ever happen of this weren’t true.

Okay love you!!!



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