07 Sept 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

We were only in Shuri for like 3 days this week– which means not a lot of people were contacted at all but we were still able to get our lessons in so that has been good and we are way blessed.

On Wednesday night Curtis Shimai and I went up to Okinawa City to do splits! On Thursday the senior couple were so sweet and they took the 4 of us out to lunch on the Kadena Miliatry Base… we ate overlooking to take-off lane for the airplanes, with the ocean right behind that. It was AMAZING. Then we spent the rest of the day working hard… it was weird to be in Okinawa because a lot of the people we would house into were American. I can`t speak English anymore!!! Anyway we were able to see a lot of miracles and I learned so much.

Then we stayed over night again because we had Mission Tour on Friday. Elder Choi and his wife gave us really good training.

Also good news… we showed up to our lesson with Tom on Saturday. At this point we are just waiting for her to find a way that she can get Sundays off so that she can get baptized. We didn`t thing she was looking for a job super well, etc. so were a little bit stuck as to what we could do. Well, we showed up and she goes ahead and tells us that she found a job, got interviewed and was accepted! And she told the hospital that she works at right now that she is going to quit!! She has to continue there until the end of September, but we were sooooo happy. What a big miracle, and what an example she is. A little worry is that her salary is going to go way down with the new job… but it was the only one she could find. The Bishop`s wife was jointing and actually doesn`t want her to take the job. But we told her that it was her choice so we will see.

Anyway love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and everything!



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