12 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

It was such a good week… mainly because we finally got to watch CONFERENCE!!! Conference and Christmas are the best times to be a missionary. I would change into a missionary for conference weekend for the rest of my life if I could!!!

Anyway Tom-san is going to get baptized on Friday night at 7:30! You all are invited! Haha but anyway she passed her interview on Saturday morning and we are planning out her baptismal program out right now. I swear I have a couple of ulcers from her… when we went through the interview questions the night before she kept on answering “no“ to a lot of them and I was like WHAT?!? Are you kidding me?!? Turns out all we had to ask was “why“… for example she said that she doesn`t feel that she has repented of her past sins because she knows that there are some that she cannot remember that she has not repented of. Haha anyway we are really looking forward to Friday night. Pray for her!

Also the weather is not miserably hot anymore… which means that we are freezing!! My body forgot how to function when it`s not soaking from sweat!! On Saturday the weather app said 73 degrees and I had on my winter coat that I wore all through Saijo winter. Help! Curtis Shimai and I helped to present at the Zone Training Meetings in both Okinawa in Naha this past week so that was fun.

Anyway we are having lots of fun and laughing and coming home tired everyday and seeing lots of miracles and are grateful.

Love you!


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