14 Sept 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello people! I am on the iPad today which means that this is going to be way short… I’ve already had to start over like 5 times because of mistakes! The weather has been AMAZING!!! It only dropped a few degrees but it made all the difference. It’s no longer miserable, just pretty hot. Which is perfect more me actually. I got so used to the climate and heat that I am scared to death over the winter… Even to think of the temperature going into the 70’s makes me shudder. Curtis姉妹 and I went to do splits with the sisters in FUTENMA this week. It’s a base area, so Curtis and the sister she was with were teaching in English all day. I was with SATO姉妹 and we took the Japanese side of things. She’s 28 and has been on her mission for 4 weeks but I learned A TON from her. I only do splits with these girls for 1 day but we always end up becoming such good friends and I always make a not in my planner to write to them in a year… Just because of how good they are. Anyway, FUTENMA was beautiful. You could see the ocean from the apartment and I almost crashed a billion times while biking because it was just like driving on PV Drive and seeing Rat Beach. Other good things… We finally found a good park to exercise at in the morning. And we had a way good week of dendo. We were able to make a return appointment with 6 people in the 3 days we were in Shuri. Also we were way excited that Tom got a job. But her current workplace won’t let her quit until October 15, so she couldn’t take the new job at the hotel. So now we have finished all the lessons and she has been to church 3 times so she can get baptized but she can’t get a Sunday off until after the 15. So yeah it’s a waiting game. She is trying to get a Sunday off before the 15 so that she can get baptized the day before and get the Holy Ghost on that next Sunday but she doesn’t know of she can. Plus on top of that she doesn’t have a new job now. So basically nobody really knows when she’ll be baptized… Could be next week or in a month. But man she is soooooo ready for it. I’m just scared it’ll all just be too much and she’s going to back out. Love you all! Anna


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