14 Sept 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

It was a good week… We went to the temple today and so of course no
matter what happened this week, the temple makes it all better.  I
seriously love and need that place.  We’re still on the major struggle
bus finding new investigators… I think this is the longest I’ve gone
working super hard and all day and trying a million different things
but still not have I even 1 new investigator.  BUT we have had a lot
of other good things happen.  And he good news is hat I love dendo so
I’m looking at it as a chance to increase my patience.

This week there was a typhoon nearby… Which means nothing as bad as
what Anna goes through, but we were soaked to the core for two days
straight.  We still had to go outside and dendo so first day was fun
and then the second day we just wanted to cry haha.  All of our
appointments got cancelled and the members wouldn’t let us visit and
share a message because they said it was too dangerous with the trains
getting stopped.  So we were housing for hours on end.  But two really
cool things happened.

1) a young woman still came and dendoed with us (we have been asking
[begging] all of them to try out just a few hours.) And it was awful
and her shoes and socks were soaking wet and she had to go straight to
school so at the end I bought her donuts because i felt so bad.  But
she said the closing prayer before we ended and it beautiful.  She
said she realized what missionaries do and she so grateful and she
asked God to help members recognize their responsibility to help.  Way

2) We had a LA lesson with a sister who usually doesn’t let
missionaries over but I convinced her :). So I was devastated when it
was pouring but I was still determined to go over.  The busses weren’t
going and we couldn’t use our bikes so we ended up walking 40 minutes
from the train station in the thundering rain and dark.  And it was
such a spirit-filled visit.  It meant a TON to her that we still came.
I didn’t even know if she would let us share a message, but we ended
up having an awesome lesson on prayer and she opened up a ton.  And
then she gave the most beautiful prayer at the end and OFFERED TO MAKE
US DINNER.  So I played hymns on her piano (**tired to play hymns and
so regretted not practicing sorry mom) and she cooked and I can tell
that for the first time in a long time, the sweet innocent spirit
filled her home and she could feel it as well.

Okay so a million other things but no time.  A few I remember… We
visited an investigator and asked her if she spraying everyday.  Her
response “sure… Why not?!”  Haha love it.  Also, FHE is so
important.  Blows my mind how important it is.  Also I LOVE THE
SACRAMENT.  For the first time in probably my whole life, I was
really, really needing the sacrament.  Really knowing that I could go
on without the healing and forgiveness and peace it brings.  So
looking forward to Sunday.  How amazing.

Okay love you all!!


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