19 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome because TOMORI GOT BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!! It was sooooo great. Everytime I think back on it I just feel happy, happy, happy. She was so cute and so nervous but everything went way well. My favorite part is when they walk out of the water and I always ask them right away how they feel. Because they literally speak the words of angels. Their faces are changed. That`s how it was with Tomori, she was breathless and kept on saying “sugoi, sugoi“

Other than that we are just trying to fill up our investigator pool again. We had a ton of lessons this past week– but nobody is progressing. I think I have just gotten too picky and need to be more patient. Anyway we had a way cool miracle…. on Saturday it was our first day of all day housing. Probably since Cox Shimai has been here. We had no appointments, etc. so we decided to set 2 appointments with God… and set a goal to have a lesson in the afternoon and then another one at night. AND IT HAPPENED! RIght before dinner and then again at 8:45 we asked who we were talking to if we could have 15 minutes and they both said yes and we were able to sing and pray and everything. Anyway for sure at this time in my mission I am feeling the spirit way strong as we find.

I went on exchange to Okinawa City this past week to do splits…. lol it was like the worst thing ever I feel so bad. On the way to an appointment my skirt got way way way way way way stuck in the bicycle chains… it took 2 men strangers, power tools, taking apart the bike AND cutting my skirt to get things going. ANyway that took like 45 minutes so we had to cancel the appointment. Also we went on base at night to a get-together that the branch president was throwing and he had invited a bunch of non-members. It is funny because in Japanese I am always the loudest person in the room. I thought that my social skills would transfer over to English…. nope. So much awkwardness lol.

Anyway it was a way good week! Love you all!



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