19 Oct 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!!

The weeks are going so fast.  So crazy that my mission will be over in
LESS THAN TWO MONTHS.  I may be crying about that little fact because
life in Tokorozawa is awesome right now… Each week keeps getting
better and better.  You’re probably tired of me saying this every week
but seriously Heavenly Father is blessing us so much everyday, I feel
so unworthy of it.  We have so many new investigators and I felt the
spirit so much this past week.  A quick summary…

1. SET: Our new cute 26 year old Chinese investigator!!  We met her
on the streets just a week and a half ago but we just had her second
lesson and the spirit was SO strong.  We taught her who God is and how
we can pray to him.  The coolest thing was that we had a sister come
to the church to joint the lesson, but another 75 year old very
stubborn and blunt male member happened to be there so I invited him
in as well.  He sat in the back of the room with his arms crossed and
didn’t say a word.  But by the end of the lesson he was at the table
with us, leaned forward and testifying.  He came up to us after and
asked when her next lesson is and if he can come.  I know that was he
strongest he’s felt he spirit in a long time.

2. TACHI: a random lady who just walked into church yesterday
during the baptismal service of one of the elder’s companions before
church!  Between the service and sacrament I sat next to her and got
to teach her about the Book of Mormon and she LOVED it.  She tried to
pay for it and then when I set another appointment with her, she
couldn’t believe that we would do it for free.

Okay and we have so many more amazing people and miracles but just no
time to write about them.  Hopefully they’ll stick around longer so
you can hear more.  I love these people so much.  And other random
things that happened this week…

-my comp and I love exercising every morning… We wake up extra early
and run 3 miles.  But every Friday we go to seminary so we can’t
exercise.  Well we came up with a solution!  Last Friday if you were
on the streets of tokorozawa at 5:30 in the morning you would have
seen two American girls running.  In skirts. And tennis shoes. In the
rain.  Hahaha good thing only one student showed up so we weren’t too
embarrassed when we showed up at the church.

-I studied about SACRIFICE this morning, trying to think of what I can
do to help investigators sacrifice their time and their life to change
and accept the gospel.  To help them recognize the need to sacrifice
and to help them desire it. It was an amazing study.  Go do it!!

Okay well time is out.  I am loving this time of year.  The other day
we were flying on our bikes and the sun was setting and we were
yelling out konichiwa to everyone and I vowed to never leave this

Love you!


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