21 Sept 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!!

Basically we were playing up in Okinawa City ALLLL day and just got back and have to leave in 30 minutes to start dendo so we are trying to stuff food in our faces and just get our emails out and I am a nervous wreck. It was a good week and probably I will just send a bunch of pictures and narrate them.

I am staying with Shuri wih Sister Cox! Another six weeks. The next one is November 5 and then December 17…. it is seriously going SO SO SO SO fast!!! I cannot believe it. With me out of the area once a week on junkai, I blink and the week is over. I love it though. I am so lucky to be here. ALSO KITCHEN SHIMAI IS GOING TO HATSUKAICHI IN HIROSHIMA. WITH A NEW MISSIONARY. She is opening an area!!! Just like I did with her!!!! She is my bff and we just were in tears when we said bye today. We already planned to see each other in December when we go to Saijo… she will just have to sneak out of her area lol and meet us in Hiroshima.

This week was a big week for me personally. Some little things happened and my pride took a hit and I was just humbled and felt like HF was calling me to repentance. Like I am just so so so so prideful. And so I had a lot of long prayers and really learned a lot about repentance and the sacrament. I realized that I never really though that I needed them– I was strong enough myself to do whatever needed to be done. I am grateful that I realized that that is not the case and will now try to be humble so that I am not humbled.

Tom is way good. Her work keeps changing their mind so every day we have a new baptismal date. But the bishop had her over for dinner and everything is good.

We want to work with members more so have a “member dendo box“… little challenges written on a piece of paper attached to candy. We also have been working a lot smarter, instead of just harder. When I was a younger missionary I used to just knock on any house with a light. Now we pray, say “HF tell us which one to knock on“ then just start walking down the street, and me or cox shimai will just stop and do what we feel needs to be done.

Love you all! So grateful for the suport!



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