21 Sept 2015 / Erin Letter

Transfers…..they are going by so fast!  I can’t believe I have less than three
months left on my mission ahhh! But we got transfer calls and
Vainerere shimai is leaving and I’m training again!  Haha my fourth
time training… I’ll go to the honbu to pick up the bean on Thursday.
But the crazy thing is only 2 sisters are coming in and I know 1 of
them (she was in Anna’s ward at BYU and emailed me when she got her
call.) So it’ll be interesting!

This week was CRAZY.  Not in the investigator way (that is still a
major struggle.  Like major, major struggle.  I feel like I have
forgot how to teach lessons.). But in other really good ways.  I’ll go
through them really fast!

1. Our whole zone took the two hour train ride to Yokohama and had
zone meeting at the park that missionary work started in Japan.  It
was way cool because for part of it we got to go off as individuals
(with our comps close by) and have our own “enos prayer” and it was
one of the coolest moments ever for me.  So amazing to reflect back on
my time as a missionary and my life from here.

2. I think one of the hardest parts of missionary work is the pain you
feel when they say no.  Not because someone just rejected you, but
because they’re missing out on the one thing at will make the truly
happy.  At one point this week I was seriously devastated for all
these people… We meet someone, share a message, feel the spirit and
the person rejects it because they’re Buddhist and don’t want to break
tradition and it breaks my heart.

3. One investigator we have is praying to know if the Book of Mormon
and the church is true.  She said she’s not getting an answer, but she
also said she’s not reading the Book of Mormon.  And it was so clear
ARE NOT READING THE BOOK.  And then I thought of how I am actually
this investigator very day.  God is probably yelling the same kind of
thing to me but I can’t see it yet.  haha.

4. We are trying to get our Ward more involved with missionary work
and so I came up with “power hour” where we all dendo at the same
place for an hour but tell the ward weeks ahead of time and have them
pray specifically for that hour.  It was FREEZING (busted out my
tights in September) and raining but it went awesome and the best part
was on the way back.  We were all in the same train cart and I was
talking to the woman next to me and looked up.  And one elder was
having a Book of Mormon to a college student and another elder was
sitting next to me speaking the the man next to him about church.  And
my computer was standing next to the door laughing with a woman.  And
it was such an amazing sight and the spirit was so strong in the
little cart.  It makes such a difference not to be alone.

Okay no time for the rest but luckily we were able to see other way
cool miracles.  Love you all!!!



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