24 Aug 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello everybody!!! This past week was way fun and way crazy!!! On Monday Sister Curtis and I headed for the airport for FUKUOKA!!! Except our flight was delayed so we got to spend a couple hours just chilling in the airport, pretending we were tourists and all that. Anyway we didn’t roll into Fukuoka until like 10:30 pm but it was way fun to fly and stuff. I got to stay overnight with my bff Klein姉妹 from the MTC… Love her! Training was the next day, at the mission home. All the ZL’s and STL’s were there. I got to see all my buddies from SAIJO and I am pretty tight with President and the AP’s so that was chill. After all the zones presented Sister Curtis I went up because we were asked to present on working hard and having fun. Haha. Anyway the whole thing was way uplifting and just made me want to do and be so much better and I just left on Cloud 9, wanting to be a missionary all my days. Oh yeah and we got homemade Cafe Rio which is actually way better than real Cafe Rio. Got back to Shuri on Wednesday and after almost a week in the mission Sister Cox finally got her first “normal” day of dendo! Our first time with uninterrupted morning studies, etc. we have been soooo busy. Anyway LOL moment is when we were housing yesterday and she looks at me and goes “is it ok if I bend down and get a rock out of my shoe” and I was like “ummmm… Yes….” Whoops guess I have been I little too strict about things….?!? We only have 2 investigators right now but they are AMAZING. Tomori is right on track for baptism in 3 weeks! She is keeping the word of wisdom and is asking her boss for Sunday’s off. That is our last hurdle… She has work every Sunday. We made a baptismal date with our cute 19 year old investigator, A!  She lives right next to us and you can see her window from our window so that`s a little bit creepy.

Yesterday we were locked in because of the typhoon… yup, I have just become so pro at them. Also we got to attend a musical recital with our investigator, Tom, because she majored in Music in college. And I got to play a little bit!!

Anyway I love you all so much! So grateful to be here!


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