24 Aug 2015 / Erin Letter

Crazy days full of hard work and hard rejections and unfortunate happenings but
somehow we are still alive and ready to go hard another week!
Highlight of the week was church… Oh man I seriously love it.  I
leave church with such a feeling of love and gratitude for these
members.  They amaze me… They are insanely busy but spend the few
precious hours of free time and their only day off all on church, all
serving others.  I pray so hard that they are feeling the gratitude I
have for them, and the joy of the gospel.

Also good church news: MATSU San came to church!  She is an
investigator who has been around for a few months.  She is the
sweetest 70 year old half Japanese and half holland jin  grandma.  She
is literally golden (has given book of Mormons to her friends, etc)
EXCEPT she has Alzheimer’s.  Not super bad but basically she can’t
remember Joseph smith or the restoration… or a lot of doctrine at
all.  So we remind her again and she loves it and believes it and then
forgets it the next day.  Kind of heart breaking.  But we’ve been
hanging up calendars and pictures on her walls and calling her
everyday and hoping it’ll slowly become a part of her life.  She came
to church for the first time and LOVED it.  I so hope it’ll work out!

Also the bad news: got the police called on us for the first time!
Long story short: we went to try to find a less active’s house.  We
accidentally parked in her neighbor’s lot and not hers.  Well she
wasn’t home so we go back to our bikes and they are chained up and so
I knock on the neighbor’s door and he is this crazy man who was so
angry and slightly drunk.  Basically he screamed at us forever and
told us to go back to America and to never step foot in Japan again
with our Christian ways and it was honestly the scariest thing of my
life because we were out in a bunch of fields and I thought he was
going to hit us.  Then he calls in TWO police cars and calls our
mission home and yells at them and takes down all of our information
and it took an hour but thank goodness for the police because they
made him unlock our bikes and we took off.  Scariest thing of my life.

And the other random stuff:
1. This is the least city area I have been in and I am DYYYYING it is
so pretty.  We ride past the fields and the sun is setting and it is
so perfect.  So much green!
2. Met a woman on the street who lived in Torrance for 7 years!  She
was like “do you know artesia?  I lived on that street?” And I just
wanted to hug her.
3. Housing miracle… Felt a direction we should house and found a
young college student who asked us how to know what is truly good and
evil and how we are judged.  We got to teach him the plan of salvation
and sometimes I’m so amazed that we are blessed with all this
knowledge.  We have so many answers.
4. Went way out to HANNO again and spent all day Saturday there.  We
gave out all of our book of Mormons, all of our pamphlets, and met so
many young families.  One was the Kobayashi fam… We knock on a door
and the dad answers and looks super rough like he’s in a gang or
something.  So we tell him we are sharing a plan about how families
can be together forever and out come two little girls dressed in pink
from head to toe.  And it was the greatest thing because he let us
teach him the plan of salvation and you could feel that he was
listening for those two girls.  We’re going back to them this week and
I’m sooo  hoping the family will take lessons!

Okay love you all!!! Have the best week!!



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