28 Sept 2015 / Erin Letter

All of these days and weeks all blur together and I really don’t even
know what happened this week.  BUT it was really good.  Namely because
my new companion is the best person ever.  I walked into honbu on
Thursday and before I met the new missionaries president Wada looks at
me and smiles and says “I got you a hard worker Gazdik shimai.”
HALLELUJIAH.  And holy cow she is the best.  1. She is literally the
hardest worker ever.  We wake up at 5:50 AM now so we can work out a
whole hour.  And then go crazy hard dendoing all day.  She loves to
talk to people and I want to cry because I am like a proud mom.  2. We
are the same person.  Literally.  We dress the same and eat the same
organic foods and love exercise and we even look similar so every
missionary and member and person who sees us freaks out and thinks we
are actually sisters.  Tis the best.

This week we spent a ton of time with the youth and it was THE BEST.
We went out and dendoed with two of the young women in our ward.  They
blew me away.  It is so amazing when they give ME fire and make me
excited for missionary work.

I spent another day in kichijoji where 80 YSA who are prepping for
missions from the area gathered.  I got to be a companion to one for
the day and dendo.  At the end everyone had a huge testimony meeting
and once again everyone blew me away with their testimonies and how
much they wanted to share it.  Because I hated sharing my testimony
before my mission, I was way embarrassed.  And then I remembered how
many times in testimony meetings where I felt prompted to bear my
testimony but never did.  So true that it grows through the bearing if
it.  Major regret that I never did.

Last way cool happening… We went to visit a member and her 15 year
old daughter who is way less active and said that she quit the church.
Well we barely manage to get the daughter out of her room.  But we
chatted with her and talked about her hobbies and made a big deal
about her anime and videos she makes.  And then she let us share a
message and she PRAYED AT THE END.  The mom walked us out and almost
started crying and thanked us over and over because her daughter won’t
even talk about church usually.  But it was all because we just got to
know the girl and what she likes and was her friend.  I think that’s
amazing.  How much we can do just by caring about someone.

Okay well so many other amazing miracles have happened… Everyday we
come back way tired but happy.  We have been finding some awesome
people since my new comp came here and finally I have some HOPE for
new investigators.  Also trying to work harder and more inspired.

Love you!


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