31 Aug 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

This week was good– nothing too exciting but he usual.

-TOM-san is doing so good. She is soooo set to get baptized, except she has work every Sunday. So after talking to her boss, etc. and not being able to get Sundays off, it was decided/we suggested/felt really bad but told her to try and find a new job. So yeah at this point we are just waiting for her to find a new job so that she can commit to church after baptism. But she is praying and fasting, and so are we, and the ward members here are sooooo good and they are actually calling around and looking for jobs for her too. Anyway yesterday she came to Stake Conference (an hour away in Okinawa City) and while we were waiting for it to start, she just pulls out her BOM and starts reading to pass the free time. And then she cried all during the meeting and I was like WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!? LOL I love her.

– Cox Shimai had a bad ear infection this past week– or so we thought. She woke up one morning with pink liquid coming out of her ear, so we called the members and the 2nd counselor and his wife left their 4 kids and sat with us in the hospital for 4 hours. Turns out she has a blood clot/tumor thing and we have to go back on Wednesday so that they can remove it. Anyway she is literally deaf until then lol but she`s doing good.

– We knocked on a member`s house, we had no idea who she was, and gave her the whole schpeel. Anyway eventually she was like “I`m a member…“ and then we notice the pictures of the temple and the family proclamation on her wall. Whoops. Anyway she sent us off with food and a sippy cup full of juice. Except the food was in a Victoria Secret`s bag so we were giving off way good impressions the rest of the night haha.

Anyway love you all! Have a great week!


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