31 Aug 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

So something really weird happened and it’s been raining and way cool
very day this week.  Like a little too cold… I had to break out my
suitcases and find my jackets.  Crazy weather.  And also I’m exhausted
so this email probably won’t make any sense!  But lots of little
things happened this week. We have been finding a lot of people and
getting their contact info but then literally no one will respond to
us and it breaks my heart.  And investigators we have aren’t doing too
well.  Buuuut we will keep on trying.  The people and the happenings:

-Matsu San! Our investigators with Alzheimer’s!  Well this week
was kind of just so sad for us and her.  We figured out how bad her
sickness really is.  She is just so happy all the time and LOVES us
and LOVES church and Christ and the gospel but she can’t remember
anything.  She came to our zone conference on Tuesday and cooked lunch
for all 55 missionaries with the sisters in our Ward.  And the next
day she couldn’t remember any of it.  She doesn’t remember any of the
members either, so every Sunday she goes up and introduces herself to
the people who have spent hours with her studying and giving rides and
cooking.  And the worst part is that she wants to be baptized but
forgets what we taught and forgets baptism, etc.  So are working with
the Ward council and our mission president to see what do to…

-It’s like a superpower having lived here 20 years ago because a lot
of older members who are less active remember me.  So I’m able to get
on their home and talk with them and laugh and share stories and it is
a gateway in to helping them.

– On Saturday we had allllll day to be outside and find.  Holy cow
it’s like a mental marathon… You have to prepare yourself and not
think about the whole thing or else you won’t make it.  But we were
able to have miracles of meeting 2 investigators who haven’t contacted
us for a long time.  Two who are really going through a hard time and
it made me realize how so much of our calling is to just stand in need
of those who need comfort.

Okay this email is way boring so ending on something random: A lady we
taught after we housed her was so confusing.  She just chewed us out
and told us everything we were doing wrong and how we are failing. But
before we left I offered her a Book of Mormon and she wanted it but
wouldn’t take it for free.  What?! So we settled our trade and she got
the Book of Mormon and we left with a bag of peaches.

Okay love you!!


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