02 Nov 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello People!

It is the beginning of the end!!! After this, only 6 more emails. And looks like I am transferring! I don`t know where I am going yet, but I do know that I won`t be able to wear short sleeves at 9 pm at night anymore so I am sad about that!!! I just hope my tan will hang in there for a couple weeks…

This week we spent 3 nights out of our apartment, sleeping on blankets on the kitchen floor of other missionary apartments. I am soooo tired and my eyes constantly feel like they are bleeding. That is how painful it is to keep them open. I have double-checked at least a few times to make sure there really was no blood coming out.

One way cool miracle that we saw this past week was when we were riding the monorail to District Meeting and I see this lady sitting next to me, reading a book in Japanese. And I see the word “Jews“ on one of the pages. So I ask her if she is reading the bible. And she says no, but flips to the cover and shows the that the book is titled “Curious Christianity“… turns out she thought she should learn about Christian religion! We had a really good conversation and it was so cool to see something like that happen.

Halloween! Cox Shimai and I were gypsies. There were actually a ton of litle kids tick-or-treating in costumes on Saturday. We were super surprised!

I love this area so much. We have been serving the older ladies in our ward a lot this past week and they are just the best.

Love you so much and I will write you more next week!


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