26 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry I don` have a lot of time today because I had to write an email in Japanese and that always takes like million years… but it`s ok because this week was pretty chill!

Curtis Shimai and I went up to splits in Futenma, a base area. Anyway it was just one of those days where you just can`t win…. pouring rain and we biked up this huge hill to base to get in and teach one of their investigators… it was a way important lesson because her baptism is in like 2 weeks and they needed to help her with some commandment issues. I had been on base in Okinawa before (Air Force) and they had let me in with my driver`s license, so I thought we would be fine. Nope. Futenma is a military base and because I don`t have a foreigner`s card like all the other missionaries they wouldn`t let me in…. so we couldn`t teach the lesson…. or go on base later to have dinner at a members house. Huge fail and I felt so, so, so bad. And then 5 minutes later my back tire pops and we spend the whole day walking to a bike shop. LOLOL it was so sad and pathetic but one of those days where you mark it up to a learning opportunity on charity and then just have to move on.

Cox shimai and I stopped a lady on the street who said “Finally! I was waiting to get stopped by you guys. We talk about you at work all the time. The latest news is that the boys are gone and now 2 girls are in“ lololol.

We are really becoming way good friends with the ward members. I love this ward so much, it is on of the best wards I have seen, ever.

Anyway we are seeing lots of cool miracles and stuff. Love you all!! Email next week is one day later because of transfer calls… don`t send anything in the mail!!! I might change!!!

Love Anna


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