26 Oct 2015 / Erin Letter

A really short one……sorry I have seriously no time to write today!!! Which is awful
because life here is still THE BEST and this week was THE BUSIEST.
Miracles everyday.  We have been really busy teaching and planning and
working with members and less actives and EVERYONE that seriously our
time to find is so so so short.  But it is amazing because we get
really serious about our precious finding time and make way awesome
goals and work so hard to feel the spirit in each step we take and
everything we say.  And God has blessed us so much because of it.
Somehow in our 0 time we managed to find and teach three new people
and set return appointments with all of them.  And not only that, but
members have been coming to all the lessons and it’s been so amazing.

Set SHIMAI is still doing awesome.  We are progressing on lessons
and we took her to FHE at president and sister wada’s house last
night.  She took 3 Sunday’s off in November to come to church and
she’s thinking about baptism!

So many new investigators and they’re all amazing, wish I could talk
about each one.  But it’s been a heavy responsibility.  One night this
week I almost just started bawling.  Because all of these people have
soooo many pains and problems and we have the perfect solution.  And
it’s up to me to be able to be worthy and able to speak through the
spirit and teach so that they accept it.  And that is terrifying.  It
is so terrifying when someone looks at you in a lesson and tells you
that they have been abused their whole life.  And then your next
lesson is with a woman who’s husband passed away and who’s daughter is
about to die of the same disease.  And then suddenly the douseki and
the investigator and your companion all look at you.  And you have to
speak.  Let me tell you that normal 20 year olds can’t do this.  So
grateful for the spirit.  And the atonement.

Okay love you all!!!!



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