16 Nov 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello everyone!! This past week was so good! Except for the 5 days straight that it poured and I didn’t see the sun and I thought I was going to die. But the sun was a champ and came out yesterday so that is good!! Anyway I am so blessed to spend my last 6 weeks here… I literally just want to cry all the time because it is so beautiful. I love being in the city too. Plus Luczak Shimai and I are seriously bffs forever and ever. Anyway we worked so hard this week… We hit numbers that I have never hit before. One day we made return appointments with 5 different people. We are just teaching all the time… On the street, sitting on the curb of the sidewalk, etc. it is way fun. Yama-San is the lady we found who committed to baptism. We took the stake relief society president to a lesson that was good but then she got way sick and so it doesn’t seem like December will happen. We found a way way way prepared and totally cute 23 year old… Met with her on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at the church with members there too. We asked her to be baptized and she said “onegai shitai desu”… And then we found out that she lives in the other wards area so we had to pass her. Boooooo. Those things happen I guess. Yesterday I have a talk. It was the first time at the ward. It had maybe 35-40 people… Re,winded me a lot of saijo and I wish so much that I was staying longer so that I could help this Ward be stronger. Anyway this Ward member came up to me and said she was glad I said I was from California because I look like “Beverly hills” and I was like YESSSSSSS👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼 Love you all!


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