16 Nov 2015 / Erin Letter


We had another good week.  It’s kind of (a lot) slower with three
people and two of them super new.  Still awkward trying to figure out
how to find and teach, etc.  but we’ve gotten a lot closer and it’s
become super fun.  So glad I get to end with these two.

So news of the week.  SET SAN. She texted us this week and said she
wants to get baptized on December 1!! So excited EXCEPT flash back to
a few days ago when we discovered she’s living with her boyfriend…
FOR FIVE YEARS.  And she doesn’t want to get married at all because
she thinks she’ll lose her freedom.  And she works at a Chinese
restaurant and I’m pretty sure she can’t support living by herself.
So we are in the church with the relief society president waiting for
Setsu to come to her lesson so we can teach the law of chastity… And
I am basically almost throwing up because i am so scared, all while my
companions are trying to remember the words “chastity” and “sexual
relations” in japanese.  But then it was so cool because we just
looked at each other and were like… Are we choosing faith or fear?
The lesson went really well.  She said she wants to keep it… Still
100% doesn’t get the ‘you have to move out in the next two weeks to
get baptized’ part so we’re going to work in that tonight.  But we’re
just holding on to faith and we’ll see how it goes!!! Pray for her!

This week I was super humbled.  I realized that I’m not struggling
with my investigators.  I should be making such a big sacrifice for
them- and my companion, Ward members, etc- everyday that I should feel
the struggle and sacrifice.  It should be painful.  I realized that
I’m just over here living the comfortable life!! And I guess that’s
just how it should really be my whole life.  So cool.

Okay love you all!!



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