23 Nov 2015 / Anna Letter


Today in personal study I read all about “thanksgiving”… It is
mentioned 6 times in the BOM. My favorite one was “live in
thanksgiving daily” #recipetoahappylife

Anyway the one bummer of having pday on Thursday is that I have like
two weeks of emails to catch up on … NO TIME so I am just going to
make this short.

These past 10 days have been crazy. I went up to Fukuoka (2 hour bus
ride) for MLC. President asked me to present on “finding effectively”.
I got to see kitchen shimai because she is STL in Hiroshima so we were
having the time of our lives just chatting away and acting like the
dumb blondes we are when we are together and it was the best. I love
her. Then I went up to do splits in Nagamine and then again in Beppu
(4 hour bus ride). Wilkinson shimai and I (she is my STL partner) got
to chill in Oita and it was way sick. Well anyway probably none of
this makes sense but that is pretty much the story of my week.
Sleeping on wood floors, buses, etc… I can’t even think straight
right now.

Also I have yet to wear tights but I think I will have to pull them
out today… It is freezing!!

We had 4 people at church last week. It was Luczaks shimais first time
having someone at church. She is turning into an amazing missionary. I
am so glad I chose to do 12 weeks because I know it was for her. This
transfer together is good, but it is nothing compared to what the rest
of her mission will be.

MLC was all about having faith and president really came down hard and
basically called us all to repentance and said the reason why we
aren’t baptizing is because of our lack of faith. And then he looked
me straight in the eye and said “I have seen your plane ticket, and I
promise that you can baptize someone before you go home”. So anyway I
got way pumped up and got home and Luczak and I made grand plans to
baptize someone and consecrated ourselves and everything…. And so
far nothing. We have no investigators. It is hard not to get
discouraged but I have learned SOOOO much about faith this past week
and how it works. For the first time in my ,I’ve I have been kneeling
and praying out loud to Heavenly Father and asking and begging and
suddenly a phrase of scripture pops into my head…. I look up the
reference, then turn to the scripture. And it was literally an exact
answer from heavenly father!!

I love you all so much. Have a good week!!!



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