23 Nov 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

So this week was kind of brutal on the investigator part.  But the
good news is that I love my comps and we go around all day doing happy
dendo (biggest smiles ever and yelling hello to everyone) so life is
still good!

The bad news: SETSU.  She broke up with us.  You should of seen us on
Tuesday night… Watson SHIMAI was crying and I was on the floor and
poor Gillespie SHIMAI didn’t know what to do.  We had a lesson with
her the night before and it started out way awesome.  She was so
excited for baptism and kept asking what time it would be and who
would baptize her.  But she just wasn’t getting the whole “can’t live
with your boyfriend” thing.  I think the language barrier was a little
hard (she’s Chinese.) so I finally just had to say it, which killed
me.  And then she texted us the next night and said she just can’t do
it and that she’s going to stop all contact with us.  It’s been quite
the change.  But I know that one day she’ll meet missionaries on the
street again and open up.  Sad the faith wasn’t there.  But I saw her
change so much, I’m grateful that we were able to help her at least a

In other news…
1. We taught seven lessons on the doorstep this week, ALL TO MEN.
What on earth.  Basically the elders are overjoyed with us right now.
We made a goal this week to find the women.  And maybe not wear makeup
or something.
2. We had a solid 2 hours of knocking on doors one night and made some
big goals.  Decided to tell everyone about baptism.  So cool because
we were able to teach someone about baptism and invite them to be
baptized over the intercom box.
3. Studied a lot about living with real intent this week… And I
realized that I’m not.  I’m doing the right things right now, but many
times not for the right reason.  Made me realize that I always need to
think not only of what God wants me to do, but how he wants me to do
4. The majority of our investigators are all high schoolers.
Literally my favorite thing ever.  Our lessons are with the young
women and I am 20 but still feel like I am 16 and hanging out with
friends haha.
5. STAKE CONFERENCE.  I spoke on the Saturday night session.  It was
one of those weird moments where I stepped back and was like, I am a
20 year old American who is currently in JAPAN giving a stake
conference talk in JAPANESE telling a bunch of Japanese people how
they should participate in the work of salvation.  What?!!! Haha but
it was way awesome.  I didn’t want to read or anything so I just
prepared a lot and then went up with no notes and basically it was the
funnest time of my life.

Okay love you all!!! Have the best week.  I’m so tired but I would not
want to be doing anything else… love this work.

Love, Erin



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