02 Nov 2015 / Erin Letter

Last transfer calls…….my last six weeks!!! So crazy!! And I would like to announce that
Watson SHIMAI and I are… HAVING A BABY.  Yes, we are training and
will become a three person companionship (?? I don’t know what it’s
called in English.) ANYWAYS, I will be spending my last six weeks as a
missionary finishing Watson shimai’s training WHILE starting a brand
new missionary’s training and trying to leave them with the Ward,
investigators, and area.  And Wada kaicho asked me to start training
the other STLs before I leave.  I’m already exhausted think I about
it.  So excited to work with another person but also really nervous
because it’s so hard to dendo and also it’s really hard to teach and
find with one person who doesn’t know Japanese yet… Never mind two.
This should be fun.

But we had the best week ever!!!   The details:

1. We set so many appointments with God and it was awesome.  This
happens when we don’t have real teaching appointments do we chose
somewhere to find and ask God to give us an appointment.  We decide
what to talk about and make a short lesson plan and commitments and
everything to use while we are finding to the prepared person God is
going to give us.  And then we go and use so much faith to find and
teach this person.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  It makes finding so fun and
it’s amazing that it actually works.  Also if this sounds similar to
Anna’s email it’s because I stole this idea from the Fukuoka mission

2. One day we got up and decided to say hi to every single woman we
passed that day.  So we rode our bikes and would yell hello to every
woman across the street, in her car, hanging laundry, etc.  and of
course when we were walking we would talk to all of them.  Funniest
day ever.

3. SEt SAN!  She has been having a really hard time asking God
questions because she just accepts everything, yet she hasn’t felt the
Holy Ghost.  So we sat down last week and had a whole lesson on how we
need confirmation from the spirit, and that’s why we need to pray and
ask.  Then two days later we are walking and see her on the other side
of the street.  We run over and she tells us that she prayed and asked
and felt the Holy Ghost and she wants to be baptized in December!!
Such a miracle.  She’s come to church two times and both times there
has been a baptism for the elders right before… Way good for her.

4. HALLOWEEN PARTY.  For some reason our ward decided a few months ago
to let two American teenage girls plan their Halloween party.  Aka US.
Have no clue why but I was in a state of panic this whole week with
the ward’s budget and orders to get food, games, etc.  Anyways,
somehow it turned out awesome and SO many people came… Half of them
were non-members!!!

Okay got to wrap up!!! But I love you all!! I am loving life here and
am so grateful for it.  More than these big things are the little tiny
miracles and bits of love that I feel everyday that amaze me and make
me want to stay here forever.  Have a good week!!



26 Oct 2015 / Erin Letter

A really short one……sorry I have seriously no time to write today!!! Which is awful
because life here is still THE BEST and this week was THE BUSIEST.
Miracles everyday.  We have been really busy teaching and planning and
working with members and less actives and EVERYONE that seriously our
time to find is so so so short.  But it is amazing because we get
really serious about our precious finding time and make way awesome
goals and work so hard to feel the spirit in each step we take and
everything we say.  And God has blessed us so much because of it.
Somehow in our 0 time we managed to find and teach three new people
and set return appointments with all of them.  And not only that, but
members have been coming to all the lessons and it’s been so amazing.

Set SHIMAI is still doing awesome.  We are progressing on lessons
and we took her to FHE at president and sister wada’s house last
night.  She took 3 Sunday’s off in November to come to church and
she’s thinking about baptism!

So many new investigators and they’re all amazing, wish I could talk
about each one.  But it’s been a heavy responsibility.  One night this
week I almost just started bawling.  Because all of these people have
soooo many pains and problems and we have the perfect solution.  And
it’s up to me to be able to be worthy and able to speak through the
spirit and teach so that they accept it.  And that is terrifying.  It
is so terrifying when someone looks at you in a lesson and tells you
that they have been abused their whole life.  And then your next
lesson is with a woman who’s husband passed away and who’s daughter is
about to die of the same disease.  And then suddenly the douseki and
the investigator and your companion all look at you.  And you have to
speak.  Let me tell you that normal 20 year olds can’t do this.  So
grateful for the spirit.  And the atonement.

Okay love you all!!!!


02 Nov 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello People!

It is the beginning of the end!!! After this, only 6 more emails. And looks like I am transferring! I don`t know where I am going yet, but I do know that I won`t be able to wear short sleeves at 9 pm at night anymore so I am sad about that!!! I just hope my tan will hang in there for a couple weeks…

This week we spent 3 nights out of our apartment, sleeping on blankets on the kitchen floor of other missionary apartments. I am soooo tired and my eyes constantly feel like they are bleeding. That is how painful it is to keep them open. I have double-checked at least a few times to make sure there really was no blood coming out.

One way cool miracle that we saw this past week was when we were riding the monorail to District Meeting and I see this lady sitting next to me, reading a book in Japanese. And I see the word “Jews“ on one of the pages. So I ask her if she is reading the bible. And she says no, but flips to the cover and shows the that the book is titled “Curious Christianity“… turns out she thought she should learn about Christian religion! We had a really good conversation and it was so cool to see something like that happen.

Halloween! Cox Shimai and I were gypsies. There were actually a ton of litle kids tick-or-treating in costumes on Saturday. We were super surprised!

I love this area so much. We have been serving the older ladies in our ward a lot this past week and they are just the best.

Love you so much and I will write you more next week!

26 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry I don` have a lot of time today because I had to write an email in Japanese and that always takes like million years… but it`s ok because this week was pretty chill!

Curtis Shimai and I went up to splits in Futenma, a base area. Anyway it was just one of those days where you just can`t win…. pouring rain and we biked up this huge hill to base to get in and teach one of their investigators… it was a way important lesson because her baptism is in like 2 weeks and they needed to help her with some commandment issues. I had been on base in Okinawa before (Air Force) and they had let me in with my driver`s license, so I thought we would be fine. Nope. Futenma is a military base and because I don`t have a foreigner`s card like all the other missionaries they wouldn`t let me in…. so we couldn`t teach the lesson…. or go on base later to have dinner at a members house. Huge fail and I felt so, so, so bad. And then 5 minutes later my back tire pops and we spend the whole day walking to a bike shop. LOLOL it was so sad and pathetic but one of those days where you mark it up to a learning opportunity on charity and then just have to move on.

Cox shimai and I stopped a lady on the street who said “Finally! I was waiting to get stopped by you guys. We talk about you at work all the time. The latest news is that the boys are gone and now 2 girls are in“ lololol.

We are really becoming way good friends with the ward members. I love this ward so much, it is on of the best wards I have seen, ever.

Anyway we are seeing lots of cool miracles and stuff. Love you all!! Email next week is one day later because of transfer calls… don`t send anything in the mail!!! I might change!!!

Love Anna

19 Oct 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome because TOMORI GOT BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!! It was sooooo great. Everytime I think back on it I just feel happy, happy, happy. She was so cute and so nervous but everything went way well. My favorite part is when they walk out of the water and I always ask them right away how they feel. Because they literally speak the words of angels. Their faces are changed. That`s how it was with Tomori, she was breathless and kept on saying “sugoi, sugoi“

Other than that we are just trying to fill up our investigator pool again. We had a ton of lessons this past week– but nobody is progressing. I think I have just gotten too picky and need to be more patient. Anyway we had a way cool miracle…. on Saturday it was our first day of all day housing. Probably since Cox Shimai has been here. We had no appointments, etc. so we decided to set 2 appointments with God… and set a goal to have a lesson in the afternoon and then another one at night. AND IT HAPPENED! RIght before dinner and then again at 8:45 we asked who we were talking to if we could have 15 minutes and they both said yes and we were able to sing and pray and everything. Anyway for sure at this time in my mission I am feeling the spirit way strong as we find.

I went on exchange to Okinawa City this past week to do splits…. lol it was like the worst thing ever I feel so bad. On the way to an appointment my skirt got way way way way way way stuck in the bicycle chains… it took 2 men strangers, power tools, taking apart the bike AND cutting my skirt to get things going. ANyway that took like 45 minutes so we had to cancel the appointment. Also we went on base at night to a get-together that the branch president was throwing and he had invited a bunch of non-members. It is funny because in Japanese I am always the loudest person in the room. I thought that my social skills would transfer over to English…. nope. So much awkwardness lol.

Anyway it was a way good week! Love you all!